Tory Lanez’s “Chixtape 5”: Full Production Credits Revealed


Tory Lanez’ Chixtape 5 is only mere hours old, but given its nostalgic tone, it feels like it’s been in our lives far longer. Anyone who grew up in an era where Big Tigger was the game’s best interviewer will likely find much to enjoy on Tory’s latest, a love letter to a bygone era. With features from The-Dream, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Ludacris, T-Pain, Mario, Ashanti, and more, it’s clear that Tory had a specific vision in mind, one that would require a partner in crime to deliver. As it happens, Tory found that in Play Picasso, who held it down in the co-pilot’s seat for the album in its near-entirety.

HipHopNMore assembled the credits in their entirety, as detailed below. While the majority of the production was handled by Tory and Picasso, contributors Kxhris, Halfway, Serious Romero, Alo905, Papi Yerr, Dr. Zeus, and Adam Mouttet. To further enforce the notion that Tory made this one with a specific goal, consider that his name is all over this one, suggesting a more hands-on approach from the Canadian artist.

What do you think of Chixtape 5 so far? Did Tory deliver his best album yet? If so, sound off below, and be sure to check those production credits right here. 

1) Jalissa’s Back! (SKIT)
Prod. by Tory Lanez

2) The Trade (Feat. Jagged Edge & Jermaine Dupri)
Prod. by Tory Lanez, Halfway & Play Picasso

3) Jerry Sprunger (Feat. T-Pain)
Prod. by Play Picasso, Papi Yerr & Tory Lanez

4) Beauty in the Benz (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
Prod. by Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

5) Blowin’ Mine’s // Leah’s Introduction (SKIT)’
Prod. by Tory Lanez, Play Picasso & Kxhris

6) The Take’(Feat. Chris Brown)
Prod. by Rajah, Tory Lanez, Sergio Romero, Play Picasso, Alo905 & Papi Yerr

7) Broken Promises
Prod. by Tory Lanez, Daniel Gonzalez, Sergio Romero & Play Picasso

8) The Fargo Splash (Feat. Ludacris)
Prod. by Saox, DR ZEUS, Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

9) Luv Ya Gyal // Love Sounds (Feat. The-Dream)
Prod. by Papi Yerr, Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

10) Yessirr
Prod. by Play Picasso, Todd Pritchard & Tory Lanez

11) Best of You (Feat. Mya) // ‘Busted (SKIT)’
Prod. by Play Picasso, Tory Lanez & Sergio Romero

12) The Cry (Feat. Mario)
Prod. by Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

13) Still Waiting (Feat. Trey Songz)
Prod. by Play Picasso, Tory Lanez & Sergio Romero

14) A Fools Tale (Running Back) (Feat. Ashanti)
Prod. by Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

15) Thoughts (Feat. Lloyd & Lil Wayne)
Prod. by DR ZEUS, Adam Mouttet, Tory Lanez, Play Picasso & Kxhris

16) If You Gotta… (Feat. Fabolous)
Prod. by Tory Lanez & Play Picasso

17) Room 112 (Feat. Slim & Nyce)
Prod. by Play Picasso & Tory Lanez

18) Last Love Letter (SKIT)
Prod. by Tory Lanez & Play Picasso


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