Trapboy Freddy Explains His Side Of The Story On “Hypocrite”


Today finds a new single from Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy, “Hypocrite,” a lengthy new track clocking in at nearly five minutes in runtime. Right from the start, it’s clear that this one will bring plenty of material to unpack. “N***as telling me I was wrong, like he wasn’t out here dissing me,” he raps, taking to the soulful trap instrumental with his opening bars. “I don’t turn down no beef, shit, I guess it’s meant to be.” From there, he proceeds to reflect on one of his more recent feuds, with those in the know catching the rapper’s drift and drawing their own conclusions.

“Okay, the second verse get personal, I’m trying to go commercial,” he continues, setting the tone with some backstory. “Christmas 2018, somebody tried to murder us.” From there, he proceeds to dive deep into his history of conflict, doing his best to provide his perspective on a situation that clearly runs deeper than rap. For those aware of Freddy’s movements outside the studio, it’s likely that “Hypocrite” will prove all the more fascinating, given how openly honest he is for the duration of the lyrically-driven track. Check it out for yourself below, and look for more music from Trapboy Freddy to drop later this year. 


N***as rapped all about Yella, on the cool he was just jealous
Remember days he used to tell me it was something bout a bitch
Okay n***a tell me this — ain’t these blogs bout a bitch?
Tell em’ get up off my dick, I ain’t said I did shit