Trapboy Freddy Revamps A Dallas Classic On “Oakcliff” Ft. Yella Beezy & More


It’s been over 10 years since Hotboy Star and Young Nino set Dallas ablaze by putting on for their neighborhood with, “Oakcliff That’s My Hood.” The regional anthem continues to shut down clubs within the region to this day, though it never witnessed that much success outside of the Dallas area. This week, Trapboy Freddy revamped the record, along with some assistance from its originators, as well as Smurf Franklin and Yella Beezy. “Oakcliff” is essentially a modernized take of the record that brings some prominent figures from the area to revisit the classic song.

The song was so big that apparently, people from outside of the area began claiming Oakcliff. “They started a fucking movement with that shit, bro,” Yella Beezy explained on HNHH’s On The Come Up of the impact of “Oakcliff That’s My Hood.” “Like, n***as that weren’t even from Oak Cliff, they were claiming that. Like, you had to really ask people their address, and who they knew, and what school, or who they hung with. Like, you had to dig into it because everybody wanted to false claim Oak Cliff at this time, when that song came out, you know what I’m saying?”

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
A thousand for a zip, 32 for a pound of purp
Ya n***a die, we fuck around and put your homie on a shirt
Got 80 thousand on my shirt, 30 for a block of work
I ain’t been up on that rap shit, I’ve been tryna been tryna wrap some shirts