Travis Scott Breaks Lizzo’s Billboard Streak With “Highest In The Room”


These days, it feels like Travis Scott has been making headlines for his relationship more than his music. And yet creatively, Scott remains as focused as ever. Not to mention the fact his brand has never been more commercially viable, as evidenced by his recent Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly. Capitalizing on the momentum, Scott dropped off an anticipated single by the name of “Highest In The Room,” which was received favorably by his loyal fanbase. So much so that it was quickly propelled to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts.

Meanwhile, Lizzo and Iggy Azalea were in the midst of some friendly competition, with the former looking to take down the latter’s record for “longest-running female rap #1.” Sadly, with the end of Iggy’s reign in sight, Travis slid through with the SIKE, knocking Lizzo from her lofty position at the top. And thus, Azalea once again sits comfortably in the record books – for now.

Whether or not these number-fueled narratives pique your interest, it’s always interesting to see where the masses stand on current music. One has to wonder if “Highest In The Room” can sustain any semblance of chart momentum, or if it’s merely an invigorating jolt destined to wear off in a week’s time. 

[via Press Release]


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