Travis Scott Brings Stormi’s Favourite “Trolls” Character To Life For Christmas


Stormi Webster is having quite the Christmas. First, she received a playhouse from her grandma, Kris Jenner. The playhouse was more or less an actual house – a two story structure set up in her backyard that has a verandah, a balcony and air conditioning. You can get a tour of it in Kylie Jenner’s latest vlog, which also gives you a peak at the exquisite Christmas decorations in her Calabasas mansion.

With this competition, Travis Scott needed to step up his game to impress his little girl and he absolutely did. Yesterday, Kylie documented Stormi’s second Christmas surprise on her Instagram story. Stormi was dancing around as she watched Trolls – a movie that, according to Kylie, they watch four times a day. Unbeknownst to Stormi, her favourite character from the animated film, Poppy, was about to enter her living room to play. “Poppy!,” Stormi exclaimed before showing the massive pink creature around the estate. It was a beautiful day for them to hop and skip around the backyard. 

Kylie thanked Travis Scott and Trolls for bringing this joy to Stormi, so it appears he had to reach out to the DreamWorks franchise to secure the costume. Travis was nowhere to be seen in Kylie’s posts, but perhaps he was Poppy all along. 


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