Travis Scott Had The Pettiest Response To Kylie Jenner’s Thirst Trap: Report


Ending the year off with a bang, Kylie Jenner decided to upload a final “thirst trap” to her social feed, capping a historic year for her. The socialite was crowned a billionaire via her outstanding growth in the make-up industry, becoming the new it-figure in her family. While Kim Kardashian is still one of the most famous people in the entire world, Kylie Jenner made great leaps to surpass her relative, connecting more to an even younger crowd and banking on her body, much like Kim did. Jenner chose to expose her curves one last time before ringing in a new decade and, because of the coincidental timing, people are convinced that Travis Scott has already responded to it.

Failing to leave an actual remark on the photo, Travis Scott updated his Instagram story shortly after the picture of his ex-girlfriend in her lace lingerie went public. He didn’t make reference to the shot but he did express his emotion with a brief “Lol” and nothing else. Fans of La Flame and Kylie Jenner believe that his laugh is in response to the thirst trap, not necessarily agreeing with her online methods. We’ll need to ask him about that though since he seems reluctant to share much more than his laughter.

Do you think this was a little petty on Trav’s part? The mere cryptic nature of the update is a little odd.



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