Travis Scott In-Game Fortnite Concert Might Be Happening Soon


Fortnite gamers could be getting blessed with an in-game musical performance by Travis Scott in the near future, as evidence has been gathered from some leaks found within the world of the battle royale island. While it has yet to be officially confirmed or announced, it looks like Fortnite is might have plans to follow up their 2019 Marshmello concert with another in-game performance from the Astroworld rapper himself. Tons of hints have been collected from an amalgamation of data-mined files, including some posters found within the game depicting a planet orbiting above the Fortnite map, with a music symbol in the middle.

While this clue could point to a number of different space-enthused artists, it definitely seems to be indicating that a concert is in the works. Further, a new “planet texture” has been discovered, depicting a bright pinkish-purple bubble-like fixture featuring carnival images that many think is meant to be “Astroworld.” What’s more is that, when hovered over, the planet plays an audio file. The audio in question? “Highest in the Room” by Travis Scott.

This is not the first time Travis Scott Fortnite content has been rumoured to be in the works. As pointed out by GameRant, “files related to a Travis Scott cosmetic set, as well as a photo of a Travis Scott skin, were both leaked in February and March, respectively.” 



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