Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party For Stormi Has People Envious & Terrified


Stormi World – the hottest kids party in America – returned for its second iteration this past weekend. Stormi Webster, daughter of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, just turned two and you already know that family was not going to celebrate the occasion with a mere cake. People stared at their phone screens in amazement at Jenner’s posts documenting the extravaganza that was STORMI WORLD. 

This party had everything – a gift shop for custom merch, amusement park rides, an Olaf ice sculpture in a Frozen-themed display, a claw crane to retrieve mini plush pillows of Stormi’s face, and so much more. While its heartwarming to imagine the joy this brought to Stormi, many who could not secure a pass to Stormi World were perturbed to see some of the Stormi-themed creations. For one, there was a mascot modeled in Stormi’s image that verged on creepy. The giant blowup of Stormi’s head that loomed over the whole event bore an unsettling resemblance to the baby doll with mechanical spider legs in Toy Story

Despite how much the Internet may enjoy nitpicking the eerie aspects of Stormi World, it couldn’t help but marvel at what it must be like to afford to throw Stormi World. It was so over the top that it probably made the family’s recent trip to Disney World underwhelming in comparison. 


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