Travis Scott Perfectly Morphs Into Allen Iverson For Halloween


‘Tis the season to dress up and not be yourself for one day of the year. For celebrities, this can be a freeing day because, for twenty-four hours, you can walk around without anybody knowing who you are. It must be exhausting to have everybody recognize you and want to take photos with you whenever you step out so for Tyga to paint his face in an unrecognizable fashion, or for Jeannie Mai to completely transform into a different human being, must feel nice. With so many amazing Halloween costumes being displayed on the ‘Gram, it feels like the best is only yet to come tonight. In the hours leading up to everyone’s favorite holiday, Travis Scott showed off his elaborate get-up, dressing as Allen Iverson and gracing the cover of a magazine.

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Recreating a Slam Magazine cover, Travis Scott didn’t need to do much to resemble the basketball legend AI. He didn’t change anything to his hairstyle — in fact, this is probably one of the simplest fits we’ve seen this year — but somehow, it still works so well. Putting on his No. 3 jersey and his armbands, La Flame morphed into Iverson, complete with sneakers and finger accessories. 

Take a look at the impressive look below and let us know where this ranks on your “Best Of” Halloween lists.


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