Travis Scott Says He Doesn’t Consider His Music To Be “Hip Hop”


Hip hop has evolved so much since its nascence that some purists might argue that none of today’s music is truly representative of the genre. While disputes between old-heads and the new school might continue regarding what is considered hip hop, many new artists aren’t even concerned with categories. The lines between genres has been blurred to such a degree that it seems like a pointless conversation to try to determine what falls into which box. Travis Scott seemed to embrace this standpoint in his latest interview. 

Travis has been nabbed for the cover of the first-ever print edition of BAZAAR Men. The Houston rapper was named by the magazine as one of the “top men in music”, alongside Maluma, J Balvin and Orville Peck. All of these artists were photographed by Kim Jones, who is the Artistic Director of Dior Men. Their shots were superimposed on technicolor illustrations created by KAWS.  

In BAZAAR‘s write-up bout Travis’ world-blending influences, it says that he “chafes at labeling his lo-fi, ambient, moody music as ‘hip-hop.’ Says the 28-year-old artist, ‘I would just describe it as different pieces of my brain—a mix of genres that I listen to on the daily.’

Do you agree with Travis’ perspective? Does genre matter anymore? 


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