Travis Scott’s Alleged Side Chick Sends Possible Subs At Kylie Jenner


The entertainment landscape shifted entirely when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that they were ending their romantic relationship last month. Fans of the Kardashian family had high hopes for the couple, especially after all they had been through. With countless pregnancy and marriage rumors early on in their coupledom, Ky and Trav took things slowly, hiding in the shadows and remaining as private as they could. The birth of their daughter Stormi Webster was kept a relative secret for days before they finally revealed the exciting news to the world. The cause of their break-up has been described as both sides just drifting apart and falling out of love but some people have pointed their fingers to a woman that has been creeping around in the background of La Flame’s entourage for years.

Going by @YungSweetro on social media, Travis Scott’s alleged side chick has already shut down those rumors, urging fans to leave them alone. She maintains the fact that nothing is happening between her and the multi-platinum recording artist but some people just aren’t buying it. Now, she’s tired of biting her tongue and is speaking out in a series of lengthy text-based updates on Instagram.

“I wish the truth would just reveal itself,” says Sweetro. She went on to note that people refuse to speak the truth because they’re either being paid off or they’re scared. Then, things get interesting as she includes Jordyn Woods’ name in the talk.

Screenshotting a direct message that suggests the Kardashians are trying to stop Woods’ success, the IG model wrote that she “didn’t do anything wrong and is just a “victim of the internet being crazy.” The subs toward Kylie followed: “It’s just sad to see how someone with all that money and fame is still concerned with little insignificant me, someone who’s done nothing to her, and have so much jealousy and envy in her heart that she’ll try to block a complete stranger from doing better for themselves. This is y’alls idol. An insecure, petty, manipulative con artist.”

Do you think she’s referring to Kylie?


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