Travis Scott’s CACTI Outperforms VIZZY & Coors Seltzers: Report


After making upwards of $35 million from endorsement deals alone in 2020, Travis Scott continues to prove his business savvy one year later with the hyped release of his new spiked seltzer brand, CACTI. Travis’ 21+ beverage hit stores on March 15, and in the weeks since CACTI’s release, the spiked seltzer has caused its fair share of pandemonium. For the launch, a Travis Scott visit prompted utter chaos at a Los Angeles supermarket, and beyond the city of angels, CACTI has reportedly been selling out at a record pace across the entire United States. Now, TMZ reports that Travis Scott’s new drink is steadily climbing the ranks of spiked seltzers. 

According to TMZ, CACTI has elbowed its way into the top 5 seltzer category, with sales volume reportedly overtaking the market share of seltzers from VIZZY, Coors, and other alcoholic seltzer competitors. The Utopia artist also touched base with the outlet, saying, “The reaction to the product has the team and I motivated to go even harder as we plan out what’s next for the brand. We are just getting started.”

CACTI’s commercial performance is nothing to scoff at, and having experienced so much early success, it will be interesting to see what direction Travis Scott’s spiked seltzer goes in next.