Travis Scott’s Current Twitter Spree Is Gloriously All Over The Place


Houston rapper Travis Scott really isn’t all too active on social media. When he does publish a new post, it usually falls in line with his mysterious aesthetic. Perhaps the photo’s background is blurry or the image has been edited to resemble a psychedelic trip. His text-based posts are generally kept to a minimum. La Flame’s feed on Twitter mostly just contains announcements and supportive messages for his peers, including promotion for Sheck Wes’ music, his Cactus Jack merch, the video for his “Hot” remix and more. Last night, that all changed when Trav reflected on the insane fast-food options that are offered at Sonic, marvelling at their menu.

In untraditional fashion, the “Sicko Mode” star came out from his hole to marvel at how many different drink options are sold at Sonic, letting his fans in on his train of thought. “Realizing that sonic has 1.3 million different drink options is amazing,” he wrote before switching topics entirely. “Who drew the first santa clause?” he asked, getting motivational in his next post. “Some days start better than others how ya end them is what counts.”

He actually continued on from his final post today, spitting game and letting everyone know that there is no point in allowing fear to consume your life. “Stick to your own script tear out the unnecessary pages. Rewrite that shit if need for the best possible ways,” he tweeted.

We’re digging this energy from Travis Scott. With a new collaborative album on the way from him and his Cactus Jack boys, we’re hoping this all leads to a new single.


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