Trevor Lawrence Draws The Line At Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoe


Lil Nas X always seems to get a rise out of people although that has been multiplied by infinity as of late following the release of his music video for “MONTERO.” The track has a provocative music video in which Lil Nas X does a lap dance for the devil, before killing him. The religious right has been in an absolute state of disarray over this, and now, many more are offended due to the fact that Nas X has his own Nike Air Max 97 coming out, which contains blood and is called “Satan’s Shoe.”

People like Nick Young have come out against this, and now, projected number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence, is doing the same. Upon seeing the shoes on Twitter, Lawrence gave his opinion, noting that this time around, the artist has gone way too far.

“Line has to be drawn somewhere. Smh,” he said. The pearl-clutching that has been done over these past few days has been truly bizarre to see. The religious angles that people are taking are akin to what happened in the 90s with Marilyn Manson, and it felt like we had gotten past this ages ago, but apparently not.

Regardless of Lawrence’s opinion, these shoes are still set to come out, and it seems like there is enough interest to sell out all 666 pairs.

Lil Nas X

Kevin Winter/Getty Images