Trevor Lawrence Makes Fun Of Himself After Old Clip Surfaces


Trevor Lawrence has a massive opportunity on the horizon as the Clemson Tigers Quarterback is expected to be the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL entry draft. If Lawrence is the first overall pick, then he would be going to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have struggled quite a bit over the past few years. Today, Lawrence got to try out in front of pro scouts and so far, he is impressing a lot of people with his arm strength and accuracy.

Hilariously, someone took to Twitter today with an old clip of Lawrence from back in 2015, when he was still in high school. As you can see, Lawrence was tasked with a net throwing exercise, where he was continuously off the mark. Lawrence found the clip and immediately took a swing at himself, noting that net throwing has never been his forte.

“Ayyyyye chill out I’ve never been a big net thrower guy. Appreciate the love,” he said jokingly. It’s clear that Lawrence comes from humble beginnings, and has improved quite a bit over the last six years. At this point, he seems poised for a great career in the pros, and the Jaguars would be lucky to grab him.

As for his upcoming practices, hopefully, none of his coaches place some stationary nets in front of him.

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images