Trey Songz Adds “Anticipation” Mixtapes To Streaming Servies


For years, fans have been begging Trey Songz to upload his ultra-popular Anticipation mixtape series to streaming services globally. Having been released over a decade ago, the first Anticipation project remains a must-listen for any modern R&B fan. It took a long time but, finally, Trigga Trey granted our wishes and made the first two Anticipation tapes available everywhere.

In a surprising move, Trey Songz has officially uploaded both Anticipation and Anticipation 2 to Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and any other streaming service that you may be accustomed to. 

With a sole feature from Sammie on the first tape, these two projects are mostly an indication of Trey Songz’s impact on music over the last ten years. If ever you’re unsure of how he has shaped the course of R&B music, have a listen to these and you’ll see just why Trey Songz is as big as he is.

These are must-adds to your weekend playlist if you’ve been fiending for some nostalgic vibes in your life. Once the quarantine ends and you can take a trip to your girl’s house, this will also make for a nice nighttime listen, if you know what I mean.

Which one will you be checking out first?


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