Trey Songz Reflects On Blissful Moments With His Son: “You Changed My Life”


Back in May, Trey Songz quietly welcomed his firstborn child into the world and let his adoring fans know with just one Instagram share of his son Noah’s foot in his hand. The celebratory moment was at times outweighed by fans who bombarded Trey with comments on who the mother of his child was, forcing him to respond with the following: “[…] You don’t have shit to talk about. And the rest of y’all either mind ya fuckin business.” 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

While it’s still unclear who birthed Trey’s adorable little boy, it’s very clear that Noah is Trey’s twin and they’ve spent tons of special moments together as we can see in the singer’s latest share to Instagram. The gallery of images showcases cute videos and photos of Trey holding Noah and them sleeping side by side. “6 months ago today you changed my life. Words can’t describe,” he wrote. 

Being a new father has clearly made Trey understand the many needs that a baby has since he previously sent a fan a box of Pampers after she boldly DMd him with the request. “So why I DM Trey Songz on Instagram the other day & asked him can he get my son some diapers & this man really sent me some diapers,” the mother wrote. 


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