Trick Daddy Roasted For His Mugshot But There’s A Reason He Looks So Bad


Miami staple Trick Daddy found himself in a bad position this weekend after he was arrested on serious drug charges after being caught driving under the influence. Being caught with cocaine among his personal belongings, this is not the first time Trick Daddy has been reported with the substance on him. Social media has been reacting to the Love & Hip Hop star’s arrest, especially mouthing off about the rapper’s appearance in his mugshot. People are making fun of Trick because of the marks on his forehead, his haircut, and a number of other skin imperfections visible in the photo but, according to sources close to the recording artist, there is a very valid reason why he looks so off in the shot.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Trick Daddy is actually suffering from lupus, a disease that affects his appearance. The Miami star isn’t the first celebrity to come out and say that he has lupus. Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, and others have all been open about their battles with the disease.

Trick Daddy is already out of jail after being bailed out, visiting his restaurant less than twenty-four hours following his arrest. Hopefully, he’s able to stay out of trouble for a while after this.


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