Trick Trick Threatens Yelawolf With An Ominous Message


Sometimes, things simply snowball beyond control. It’s unclear whether Royce Da 5’9″ expected this upon the release of “Over Comer,” a new single that found him issuing a stern warning to his former collaborator Yelawolf. Yelawolf this is your first and your last pass, I ain’t gon’ put it on blast, your punk ass know what this about,” he rapped, calling the Slumerican artist out by name. “You think it’s about being loud or trying to be hostile, till you get found face down on the ground outside of Kid Rock house/ Though you a vulture pundit I hope you get sober from this, Men like, women lie, so do numbers.” 

Paul Warner/WireImage/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Yelawolf to clap back, dubbing Royce “Eminem’s hype man” and threatening death-by-a-thousand-wolves. Naturally, Royce met Yela’s increasing hostility with smoke of his own, comparing Yela to David Duke and seemingly let it lie. Yet in Detroit, disrespect is rarely taken lightly. As caught by HipHopDX, the notorious Trick Trick made sure to establish his presence, letting Yelawolf know that he doesn’t take kindly to any Royce Da 5’9″ disrespect.

“Sell out another one…ASAP,” warns Trick Trick, in a since-deleted Instagram comment. “And PLEASE bring all your wolves.” For those unfamiliar, Trick Trick is a close associate of Eminem, a former collaborator on songs like “Welcome 2 Detroit City” and “Crazy.” Not to mention, Trick is currently employed at Shade 45, where he hosts his own radio show Fly Zone Radio. It’s unclear whether Yela and Trick, or Royce for that matter, have moved to talk it out – we can only hope so, as this one doesn’t need to escalate any further. 


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