Trina Explodes On Walmart Shopper After Being Called A “N***er B*tch”


Trina was just doing her groceries at the local Walmart when, out of nowhere, somebody decided to cop an attitude around her, exposing themselves by using extremely hurtful racial slurs against the successful rapper. In a video that’s making its way around the internet, iconic rapper Trina can be seen yelling at a customer at the supermarket for attacking her with inappropriate and disgusting language. You would expect anybody in Trina’s situation to fight back with words, especially given the severity of the situation. After all, we are living in 2019. This type of nonsense just shouldn’t be happening anymore. 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The recording artist was seemingly waiting in line to pay for her items and, while it’s unclear what sparked the war of words, Trina is heard yelling at the woman to “say it again.” Referring to the woman as a “dirty ass bitch,” Trina then goes on to say “I am a n***er, I am a n***er bitch, say it again!” 

Witnesses who were at the Florida-area Walmart report that the fight began after Trina accidentally bumped into the white woman, who used the racial slur after telling her to watch where she was going. The police reportedly did not take a report of the incident because Trina was opposed. They also reportedly did not speak to the woman who hurled the insult. 

Watch the video below.


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