Trina Gets Naked On A Horse For 41st Birthday Pics


One of the most accomplished female rappers of all time, Trina has built quite the legacy for herself. Yesterday, she and Trick Daddy announced that they would be hosting a brand new radio show together in Miami, getting the city pumped for their debut next month. It served as somewhat of a birthday gift to herself, celebrating her special day today and posting a flurry of photos to remind us all that she’s still one of the badest in the game.

Priding herself on being a total rockstar, Trina flexed her confidence and swagger by stripping down to her birthday suit and stepping into the wilderness. The natural display sees the rapper with her long orange locks, which fall just below her rear-end, and a majestic white horse being led by the Florida icon. She looks stunning in the image. A second upload has Trina looking even more beautiful, straddling the horse and laying on its back with her eyes closed. “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyways,” she wrote.

If anything, the pics prove that, even in her forties, Trina is still one of the best-looking women in the music industry. She’s clearly been working hard on her body and it looks as though she’s ready to take on a new year in her life. Happy birthday, Trina!


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