Trippie Redd Delivers Macabre Romance In “Love Me Till I’m Dead”


Trippie Redd has quietly climbed from Internet sensation to a young star, capable of climbing the charts and turning in impressive first-week numbers. Case in point, his recent A Love Letter To You 4 moved over one hundred thousand units, a notable accomplishment for a man who once lamented his isolation within the game. Now he’s back with another new one, linking up with the Ethika team to turn in a melodic cut for their RGB3 mixtape. The track, which features the appropriately on-brand title of “Love Me Till I’m Dead,” finds Trippie on his doomed-romance tip; hip-hop’s Tim Burton, after a fashion.

In actuality, the subject matter is far from intimate, with Trippie detailing some heavily x-rated sexcapades with his ride-or-die. Yet perhaps that’s simply his style these days, tired of Disney fairytale idealism and more into that GRIMM shit. Either way, he’s singing with more confidence than ever before, a sign that bodes well for his future musical endeavors. Check this one out now, and sound off – is Trippie on a hot streak?

Quotable Lyrics

Beat the pussy till she clueless
If I tell her “Knock ya’ head off”, she gon do it
Baby girl gon’ shoot for love like she Cupid
And she gon consume my love when she do it
She gon love me till I’m dead, hear my voices in her head
She gon need some fuckin meds


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