Trippie Redd’s Pizza Party In Bed Is A Big New Year’s Eve Mood


There are many possible ways to spend a New Year’s Eve, but they could essentially be reduced to two: you either turn up or stay home. With NYE falling on a Wednesday this year, more people may be inclined to opt for the chiller route. Maybe just take it easy? Why talk up all the big transformations you’re going to make to better yourself in 2020 only to spend January 1st in a hungover hole of self-loathing? Why not take it easy and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new decade? Stay in bed and order a pizza, or five, like Trippie Redd! 

Trippie Redd posted a photo of himself in bed surrounding by a beautiful yet nauseating Domino’s feast. It looks like he ordered one of everything. Aside from pizzas, he’s got two different kinds of wings and multiple boxes of breadsticks. As DC The Don commented, “damn bih you big vibin.” While Trippie likely wasn’t alone while enjoying this heavenly delivery, it’s inspiring to imagine that he might have been. The fact that all this food and all those sauces are placed on white bed linens is anxiety-inducing, though. The Backwoods splayed out on the bed and the nightstand also make this photo a suitable NYE mood board. For those looking to have a more rowdy night though, we put together a playlist of bangers to ring in the new year.

Trippie shared a new song yesterday, “Moon Walker”, which will appear on the deluxe edition of his No. 1 album, A Love Letter To You 4


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