Troy Ave Shares A Publishing Check Revealing His Royalties


The Major Label vs. Independent debate has led to valid takes from both sides, though today’s technology has made it easier for the latter to thrive. In a market where streams can lead to a steady if inconsistent source of revenue, artists can find themselves making passive income off the strength of a single viral hit. For an artist like Troy Ave, who never quite found himself reaching viral stardom, the grind has been far more of a hustle. Having made the choice to stay independent, Troy Ave has been keen on spreading knowledge on his own process, going so far as to share his latest publishing check. 

 Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

“One of the reasons why they hate is cause I make better music and I own all my $hit!” he writes, alongside of an image of his ASCAP check. “Most these rappers lease, rent, beg and borrow. They gettin pimped by Major labels then flexing like they a boss. I own all my cars, homes, jewelry & publishing! Drop [emojis] if U into ownership like a real boss.” He proceeds to reveal the worth of his latest: $17,152.54. Consider that ASCAP divides the year into three month periods, with payments coming between six-and-seven months after the fact.

Clearly, Troy Ave is feeling comfortable in his current position. With a new project, White Christmas 7, en route for the Holidays, it’s likely his core fans will mobilize to keep his income steady. While unlikely, it would certainly be interesting to see if his #PostYaPublishingCheckChallenge offering picked up steam, especially if Troy’s claims of fake-stunting ring true. 


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