Twitter Reacts To Zendaya Voicing Lola Bunny In “Space Jam: A New Legacy”


Earlier today, Warner Bros. finally released the first official trailer for the forthcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy. Starring Lebron James, the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 classic film featuring Michael Jordan will arrive later this summer, but thanks to its new trailer, everyone is talking about the upcoming Space Jam, even Lebron’s former teammate Lonzo Ball. 

Hours later, the fervor surrounding Space Jam: A New Legacy has returned, as Zendaya has been revealed to be the voice behind the reboot’s polarizing take on Lola Bunny. Last month, when a teaser showcased the Looney Tunes character’s new design, a surprisingly vast amount of Twitter users expressed their disappointment that the cartoon character wasn’t “sexy” enough. While that concerning development was a different story entirely, the confirmation that Zendaya will star as a voice actor in the new Space Jam is an extremely exciting update, so time will tell if the verdict on Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s version of Lola Bunny moves in a more positive direction.

The Lebron James, Zendaya, and Klay Thompson-starring Space Jam: A New Legacy will arrive in theatres and on HBO Max on July 16, 2021, but in the meantime, check out Twitter’s reaction to the news that Zendaya will be voicing the iconic Looney Tunes cartoon character Lola Bunny.