Two Suspects Charged With Capital Murder After 3-Year-Old Kamille McKinney’s Body Found


Social media is a place that is often the home of heated debates and discussions that divide, but when a three-year-old was kidnapped weeks ago, people came together to share information about the little girl with opes of her being found and returned home alive. On October 12, Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney was at a birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama when she was abducted. The other children described to police the car that Kamille was taken in, and when looking at surveillance footage from surrounding businesses, authorities identified two suspects: 39-year-old Patrick Stallworth and his girlfriend, 29-year-old Derick Irisha Brown.

After their arrests, it was still unclear what happened to young Kamille. Celebrities, including prominent figures in the hip hop community, reposted and retweeted flyers and information about the three-year-old’s disappearance, but unfortunately, it’s been reported that Kamille’s remains were found. Authorities state that Kamille’s body was located inside a dumpster at a landfill.

Both Stallworth and Brown now face capital murder charges. Stallworth, who was also arrested on charges of child pornography, has reportedly denied he has any connection to Kamille’s disappearance. He was released on bond but re-arrested on Tuesday evening. Brown remains behind bars.

“We believe that this was something they thought about and acted upon,” Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said. “They saw an opportunity to take a young child and they did. Our further investigation will reveal whatever happened after that.”


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