Tyga Denies Landlord’s Claim That He Isn’t Paying Rent


Tyga has always been one of the more interesting figures in the hip-hop world and when it comes to his personal life, there always seems to be some kind of drama going on that he just simply cannot escape from. In the midst of promoting his OnlyFans, Tyga is now being hit with a lawsuit from his former landlord who is accusing him of ducking $32,000 worth of rent payments, while also causing over $100,000 in damages to the property. The lawsuit is currently worth $200,000, and now, Tyga is officially on the defensive.

In fact, in recent videos on social media, Tyga took clips of his previous home, showcasing just how clean the place is. The landlord claims Tyga damaged the floors, wallpapers, and countertops although based on these short videos, there doesn’t seem to be any such damage.

While speaking to TMZ, Mike Trauben, Tyga’s lawyer, explained that the artist wants his security deposit back and that the lawsuit is a means for him to stop trying to get his money back. The lawyer even says there is paperwork that proves Tyga paid his rent on time, each and every month.

The artist has been making jokes about the situation on social media. For instance, one of his latest posts features him laying outside with a bunch of women, with the caption “They said I can’t pay my rent……Guess I’ll just sleep outside.”

Needless to say, Tyga doesn’t seem to be all the worried about what’s going on.