Tyga Prepares For 2020 With Insane Treasure Trove Of Diamonds


Tyga, known in Academic circles as hip-hop’s most studious Gluteus Maximus connoisseur, has amassed quite a valuable treasury. The beneficiary of a top-tier comeback (much to the annoyance of Soulja Boy), T-Raww’s recent slew of absolute bangers have helped expand his fortune to Scrooge McDuckian proportions. Naturally, as he is a rapper by trade after all, he quickly dropped copious bills on hip-hop’s favorite investment: diamonds upon diamonds. Today, with Roddy Ricch providing the soundtrack, Tyga took a moment to show off his magnificent collection of ice.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“YOU CAN DO IT TOO,” says Tyga, on some Tony Robbins energy. “2020 LETS GO!” Alongside his motivational caption are several splendors to behold, a glittering treasure trove that can likely be seen from the deepest depths of Space, a peril to Astronauts staring westbound. Though it’s difficult to approximate a cash value on sight alone, it’s likely that a single chain makes more than the average annual salary. Say what you will about the music business, but damned if it isn’t a lucrative business.

As you prepare to usher in a new year and a brand new decade, be sure to set your goals accordingly. May Tyga guide you on your voyage to prosperity. 

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