Tyga Trolls Kylie Jenner Following ”Rise And Shine” Trend


Kylie Jenner has been all over the Internet lately, even more so than usual. This time, she’s making parodies of her own video singing ”Rise and Shine” to her daughter Stormi. Ariana Grande even joined the hype and started trolling her. The singer made a video singing ”Rise and Shine” then captioned it ”@KylieJenner can I sample?” The song basically became a hit. Kylie started having fun with it, and made an upbeat remix of the song, showcasing her music skills to her daughter. Stormi still favoured Travis Scott’s music, but that didn’t stop the song from going viral. The co-parents are now apparently spending more time together. Kylie is also taking advantage of the opportunity and making merchandise to cash in on the hype.

They’re not the only one taking advantage of this opportunity. Tyga trolled Kylie Jenner by posting a picture of his orange Lamborghini Aventador on his Instagram page, and captioning it ”Rise and Shine.” This is possibly an advertising scheme, considering Kylie is trying to make bank off this trend. However, she is spending more time with Travis, which is probably making Tyga a little jealous. Tyga is taking pettiness to a whole new level, or he could just be saying ”good morning” — it was a thing before Kylie made it a thing. What are the odds though?

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