Tyla Yaweh & Wiz Khalifa Utilize A Green Day Classic In “High Right Now” Remix


Wiz Khalifa’s entire catalogue is fueled by a tremendous amount of weed smoke and the majority of his songs contain at least one mention of his marijuana consumption habits. Known to the world as one of the most prominent weed rappers out today, Wiz Khalifa always has something to contribute when another artist asks him to deliver the most pungent bars on their records. When Post Malone’s protege Tyla Yaweh called up the Taylor Gang general to feature on the remix to “High Right Now,” he wasn’t sure how they would ever be able to clear what the superstar had put together. He got lucky though, running into Billie Joe Armstrong at a show backstage and playing the Green Day-sampled remix for him, getting clearance on the spot.

The original version of “High Right Now” appears on Tyla Yaweh’s debut album but he had initially wanted Wiz to bless that version. Eventually hitting the remix, the rising star tells The Fader that it was a dream come true. “Getting Wiz on this record was crazy,” he said. “I told my manager that Wiz was the only nigga I wanted on the record. He was on tour during the time we were making this record; but we stayed in contact and got blessed with the verse. I freaked out the day I heard it. Shit was crazy to be working with someone you looked up to for so long.”

Listen to the remix of “High Right Now” and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Khalifa, man, rollin’ them pounds up
And one day, I’m smokin’ the ounce up
In the back, we smoke the best, KK smoke all in my chest
I don’t go on missions, I don’t ask permission
I keep it at my crib, come smoke some pack with Wiz

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