Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie, “A Fall From Grace”, Gets Ripped Apart On Twitter


At the beginning of the month, Tyler Perry tweeted out a video showing off the tall stacks of scripts he has lined up for 2020. While he was trying to prove his impressive “work ethic”, many harshly replied with a reminder that quantity does not equate to quality. This incident ended up being a foreshadowing of the response to his new Netflix movie, A Fall From Grace, as was the movie’s title.  

Perry’s dedication to being super prolific has at times been at the expense of his work. He bragged about shooting A Fall From Grace in just five days and that admission is now coming back to haunt him because the thriller is filled with slip-ups. Twitter is picking apart Perry’s first Netflix feature – which stars Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad – for inconsistent shots, wonky wigs and glaring plot-holes. After this dragging, hopefully Perry will take some more time when bringing to life the slew of scripts he has in the stash. He just built a $250 million studio in Atlanta, so the quality should match the budget, no?

Amid the rollout for his new flick, Perry responded to another criticism that his movies have received – that they exploit black women. You can see the critiques of A Fall From Grace below, though. 

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