Tyler, The Creator Berates Fan For Driving By & Blasting His Music


Tyler, the Creator is gracing the cover of GQ‘s latest “Men of the Year” issue, dressed in a spiffy suit and labelled as “The Provocateur.” His profile starts with him listing the kinds of people who do not qualify to be on his “zombie-apocalypse team.” “Bro, you can’t climb over that gate? I can’t be around you,” the multi-hyphenate asserts. “I hate people who are unaware. I hate fucking goobers. Goob-goobers. Oops, I tripped. Stay the fuck away from me.”

Over the years, we have come to learn that Tyler’s sense of humor largely entails him being antagonistic. While he’s hilarious, he can be harsh. This duality was exhibited in the story shared by GQ of Tyler roasting a fan for driving by him while blasting his music for attention. Read how the incident unfolded in the excerpt below: 

“Back in the park in Manhattan, Tyler is barking. He’s chosen this place to avoid the undesirable and corny, but they’ve found him. There’s a vexing noise coming from an SUV at a stoplight outside the park’s perimeter: The driver is blasting “Earfquake,” Tyler’s most popular song. He’s spotted Tyler and is trying to get his attention. Goob-goober incoming. Now, unfortunately, this poor civilian has Tyler’s attention. ‘I want you to know how gay that is,’ Tyler shouts as he walks over to the car, agitated. ‘Why are you driving by, playing my music? Just in case you ever see another person who makes music, that’s the gayest thing ever. Just don’t do it ever again.’ The guy grins and drives away, unscathed.”

After this occurred, Tyler continued to blow off steam to his team and the GQ writer about how ridiculous of a tactic this is for fans to try and impress artists:

“‘I just don’t…like, what do they expect? They want me to say, ‘Yooo, you fuck with my shit!’ [My shit] that’s already platinum. I don’t know what their fantasy end result is. Like, okay, you play it, and okay, I hear it. I made the song, and I’ve heard it a billion times. What would you like to happen? Like: Oh, shit, whattup, bro! You fuck with my shit? Fuck it, get out the car, come smoke with us,” he says. (Tyler never smokes weed, nor does he drink alcohol or consume any other drugs.) “Come to the hotel. Here, here’s my number.”

Tyler then breaks into a bit about how this fan was a perfect example of the “talk-your-way-out-of-pussy guy.” Read the full interview here. I highly recommend it. 

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