Tyler, The Creator Hilariously Answers Questions From Kendall Jenner & Others


Tyler, the Creator is one of GQ‘s cover stars for Men of The Year. The story on him includes a comedic video where Tyler answers questions from some of his celebrity friends. 

Seth Rogen asks, “What were your favorite movies growing up?” Tyler responds saying, “I don’t remember, but I can tell you my favorite movies now.” He then lists  Napoleon Dynamite, Superbad, 20th Century Women and Scary Movie 2 as his current top movie picks.

Tyler, the Creator performing
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Spike Jonze asks the rapper “why did you win man of the year?” At this question the cover star says, “I don’t fuckin’ know n****, cause I’m fuckin’ tight as fuck. I do a lot of tight shit, like that’s really sick. And I’m cute.”

Kendall Jenner asked, “you’re the most fun person to be around and genuinely one of my favorite people. I just want to know when you go home at the end of the day and sit with yourself how does it feel? What do you think about?” Tyler, the Creator goes into hysterics laughing and says “I go to fuckin’ sleep.” The rapper says he goes to sleep, watches TV or showers.

Possibly the funniest part of the whole video is when Jerrod Carmichael stumps Tyler with a question. Carmichael asks the Igor rapper if he would rather never hear “Rollinem 7’s” by N.E.R.D. again “or never get another foot massage.” Tyler explains that he loves that N.E.R.D. song so much that he wants to get it tattooed on his leg. He then takes a long pause before saying he’d choose to never hear the song again because he loves foot massages too much. To be fair, Tyler says that he would choose “a foot massage over a blowjob,” so that puts things in perspective.

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