Tyrese Gets Roasted After Posting Verzuz Comment About His Mother’s Drinking


Tyrese Gibson, much like many of us, was tuned into the Isley Brother and Earth, Wind, and Fire Verzuz battle on Easter evening. The actor and singer usually has some funny comments to make, but this time, Tyrese caused an uproar with his latest remarks. While the Verzuz battle was taking place, Ty slid into the comments to write: “Hate that my mother used to drink everything – but SHE’s the reason I know real music.” 

Although alcoholism is not a joke, nor is Tyrese’s situation funny, what made people laugh is the fact Ty just always has the craziest comments at the weirdest timing. For example, his comments on vegan sex parties, dead celebrity’s sperm, an age limit for TikTok, and his methods of avoiding COVID-19 (among other infamously hilarious comments). Much like all those times, the internet went in on him for revealing such a personal story about his mom under a Verzuz battle comment section.  

“Tyrese in the comments is sending me,” wrote one user. “Tyrese using Verzuz as a free therapy session,” wrote another. Of course, the memes were flying as the internet began to roast Ty.