Tyrese Talks “Worst” Year While Chatting About First Film Following “Traumas”


It’s been an interesting two years for Tyrese Gibson, but it looks as if the multi-hyphenated entertainer is back into the swing of things. The actor is celebrating the release of Black & Blue, a cop-centered thriller he stars in alongside Naomie Harris and Sean Sorensen. There are more projects lined up for Gibson, but for a while there, fans were worried he’d gone off the deep end.

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The crying video he made for social media quickly became a meme, but the reality behind the clip was sensitive for Gibson. At one point he shared he was almost broke and “swimming in legal fees and said that medications he was taking were the reason behind his public meltdown. There was a child abuse case against him that was later dropped and his reported beef with Dwayne Johnson was heating up. 

Now that the worst is behind him, Gibson chatted with The YBF at the screening of Black & Blue about the premise of the film and why it was the “right” project for him. “I can tell you right now that, for me personally, doing this movie meant so much more than people could imagine because I just came off of the worst year and a half, public and private, that anyone has ever seen,” he said, joking that The YBF didn’t have to link back to his crying video. “We don’t gotta recall none of that! So, not only was this my first movie after all of my traumas, but it was the first right movie. It was the right first movie.” Check out his full interview and the infamous crying clip below.

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