Uber Driver Killed After Teenage Girls Carjack & Crash His Vehicle, Captured On Video


It seems like there’s been an uptick of heinous violent crimes in the United States as the country begins to roll back on a number of COVID-19 restrictions as more and more people are vaccinated. The deadly mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder that collectively left 18 individuals dead are examples of such violent occurrences that have happened in just the past few weeks. Adding to the horrific crimes, two teenagers are responsible for the death of Uber Eats driver Mohammed Anwar in Washington, D.C. after hijacking his vehicle and crashing it with the driver inside. 

Graphic footage of the incident, which occurred last Tuesday (March 23), has been making the rounds on the net showing the fatal accident. It depicts Anwar and his vehicle being targeted by two teenage girls, ages 13 and 15. They are said to have tased 66-year-old Anwar before attempting to steal his car. You can hear Anwar scream in the footage, “This is my car!” as the engine starts up. 

The teenagers then sped off in the car as bystanders looked on mortified. Anwar can be seen hanging out the front door of the vehicle before the fatal collision. View the graphic video above or below at your own discretion. 

As the car laid on its side, the teenagers climb out of the totaled vehicle unscathed. Anwar, on the other hand, laid on the pavement, mortally injured. He was later pronounced dead. The two teenagers are facing felony murder charges. 

A spokesperson from Uber said in a statement, “We are devastated by this tragic news and our hearts go out to Mohammad’s family during this difficult time. We’re grateful the suspects have been arrested and thank the Metropolitan Police Department for their diligence with this investigation.”

His family has since set up a GoFundMe to pay for his funeral costs. “[He] was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one. He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly,” they wrote on the page. 

Our prayers go out to his family.