UK’s Nolay Makes A Mark With New EP “Kalas”


Right off the rip of her new project, Kalas, Nolay let’s you know that she does whatever the f*ck she wants. And that’s exactly the type of attitude needed to set the tone of her latest project. The UK rap and grime legend released her latest project this past weekend which is filled with fierce flows and sharp bars. She brings influences from New York City to the homegrown talents in London to bring this short project together. 

“Speaking about the inspiration behind the project, Nolay says, “This EP came to life when I came to a crossroads in my career. I had hit so many bumps in the road during my time in the music game, and after a string of disheartening situations with unscrupulous executives, I decided I was going to pursue my acting career, because some very promising doors within the acting industry had opened up for me, and to be honest, my love for music was slowly fizzling out, due to experiencing the same kind of charlatans and timewasters in the music business,” she said about creating the new project in a statement. Peep her latest project below.