UK’s “Queen Of Drill” Ivorian Doll Deads The “Rumours”


As the UK drill scene continues to flourish, a new girl’s arrived on the scene in the past few months named Ivorian Doll. Though she might be more familiar to some as a YouTuber, she’s making a smooth transition into music with the release of her single, “Queen Of Drill,” and most recently, “Rumours.”

Released at the top of the month, “Rumours” addresses all the chatter that’s been going on in her ascent in the game. Over T1OTB & DA’s aggressive production, Ivorian Doll fiercely pops out on her opps and haters as she puts the rumors to rest.

“‘Rumours’ is about the false accusations that have been spread about me. It was a great way to speak my truth and get people dancing to it, rather than it being this serious, woe is me moment.,” she told Complex.

Peep the track below. 

Quotable Lyrics
I missed the drop on a pagan opp
Still got beats, yeah they still got, got
Run a man down in my Jordans
Ran a man down in my Balmain top
Messi! That’s how I shoot my shot


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