Utah Man Surgically Implants Tesla Key & Other Chips Into Hands


With the evolution of technology, it feels like anything is possible. In fact, it feels like things that were predicted decades in the past are finally coming into fruition. However, one guy in Utah has embraced the future and found a solution to forgetting his keys and wallet at home. Although having things like Apple Pay and Google Pay on your phone certainly help, Ben Workman has taken that type of technology and implanted it into his hand.

According to East Idaho News, Workman recently implanted four chips and a magnet into his hand that allows him to unlock his Tesla, open the door to his work at Provo, and log onto his computer with a simple swipe of his hand. He can also share contact information through one of the chips. As you’d expect, nobody else was really about assisting Workman in becoming half man, half robot. He explained how, with the help of family, he had the chips implanted into his hands since there wasn’t a specialist who really wanted to take on the job.

“On the first two, I actually didn’t have anyone. I tried going to a veterinarian, a doctor, a piercing studio, no one would do it,” he said. “To get them in, they come in syringes, just place them under the skin and pop the tags out.”

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