Vic Mensa Discusses Feeling Less “Mixed-Race” When He Became A Teenager


Fans will be treated to a softer side of Vic Mensa as he links up with his sister Lizzy to make on of their favorite childhood meals. The siblings will be featuring on an upcoming episode of FUSE TV’s Made From Scratch where famous figures hop in the kitchen with their family members to cook up delicious treats.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Vic and Lizzy decided to make Omo Tuo, a Ghanian stew. Their mother is white and their father is Ghanian, and during the discussion, the pair talked about being biracial after Lizzy revealed she and a friend were writing a script about “mixed-race identity.” In a clip of their episode, Vic said, “There’s a lot of intricacies to mixed-race identity,” the artist said. “I felt more mixed-race when I was a younger kid. Then I got to be a teenager and I just felt like a black boy. I was like, ‘What you mean mixed?’ You know what I mean? That’s not how the police treat me. They’re not treating me like I’m mixed. They not half on my ass, they 100 percent on my ass.”

Vic also shared with his sister that he’d recently launched his label, Still Alive Entertainment, that’s primarily functioning as a production company at the present time. Watch the clip below to check out what else he had to say about his next album Anti-American Hero and tune in Tuesday to listen to Vic and his sister talk about the rapper’s foundation getting kicked out of their building because of their racist landlord’s disapproval of “Camp America.”



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