Victoria Monet Is Ready To “Dive In”


Victoria Monet has been a successful singer and songwriter, mostly behind the scenes, helping out uber-famous pals like Ariana Grande on her own song-writing journey. However her own star has been shining brighter and brighter as she gets out from under the thumb of the BTS industry writing, and puts her music first.

Today she’s released a new, bed-creaking anthem “Dive In.” The record is a cinematic arrangement featuring triumphant horns, and literal bed squeaks juxtaposed beside a flurry of electronic noises. The ’70s funk vibes that pervade the record are accompanied by an equally vintage-inspired cover art for the single, as you can see up top– she recreates what might be a vintage ad mat.

Of the new song, Monet said: “Women are an adventure. We are as powerful as oceans, as beneficial as h20 and as fun as any theme park. Anyone lucky enough to taste that thrill should go all in. Dive playfully invites one to do so. It emphasizes the importance of women getting our pleasure through oral sex. It’s not talked about enough from our perspective and I wanted to break the ice. They say most humans are about 60% water, but I believe women must be 69% so dive in baby.”

Let us know what you think of Monet’s new single.

Quotable Lyrics

I wanna see what your head game like,
Do you know what you’re doing?
Is your neck game tight,
Do you know how to use it?
Having long conversations with me
If you love swimming under the sea


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