Victoria Monet Issues A New Workout Anthem With “Ass Like That”


When she isn’t busy working hand-in-hand with Ariana Grande and other names to craft some of the year’s biggest tracks, you can find Victoria Monet building a formidable catalog of solo material on her own time. The latest to arrive of that routine is her newest “Ass Like That” track which finds the singer-songwriter delivering on a mellowed out workout anthem as she delivers on the prose of confidence, courtesy of her god friend, Gym.

“When I wrote this song, I was just starting with my trainer, and I just really wanted to have really toned legs, a small waist, and a big ass,” she tells MTV News. “That goal still stands. It’s something that I don’t consider letting go of, ever.”

Finding inspiration in vintage workout videos that her own mother used, Monet pairs the track with a sensuous lyric video that finds her channeling 70s era workout tapes.

“The rest of my music has even more 1970s influence and live instrumentation,” she tells MTV. “I was really inspired by older artists that would leave musical breaks. This is just my take on that and bringing it into the living room space and making it relatable for other people.”

Quotable Lyrics

When you see me, just know, yeah, I earned that shit
Treat my calories like weed, yeah, I burn that shit
Shout out to my trainer, ’cause he crack that whip
It’s an asset just to see the way my ass sit like this in all my fits


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