Vince Carter Gets NBA Fans Hyped With This Vintage Dunk: Watch


Vince Carter is turning 43 years old in just a couple of weeks and shockingly, he’s still playing basketball at a high level. While he isn’t scoring at the same clip he did back in the early 2000s, he is still good enough to crack an NBA roster. Amazingly, Carter is the first player in NBA to play in four different decades which is something to proud of. It’s hard to keep your body healthy for that long but somehow he has been able to do it. When Carter first came into the league, he was known for his incredible dunking ability. In year 22, Carter can still dunk like no one’s business and fans are clamoring for one final dunk contest appearance.

Recently, Carter had fans even more excited for a potential dunk contest appearance as Trae Young posted an alley-oop video to Twitter. As you can see, Carter pulls off the spin-around dunk to perfection and had the whole gym in awe.

Fans immediately began reacting to the video with words of encouragement for the 42-year-old. It remains to be seen whether or not Carter will actually participate in the contest although one can only dream. If he does attend the event, fans will certainly give him the respect he deserves. It would be the perfect farewell to a storied career.


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