Vince Carter Gives 40-Year-Olds Hope After Explosive Performance: Watch


Vince Carter is one of those players that multiple generations have been a fan of. Of course, Carter hit his peak during the early to mid-2000s while playing for the Toronto Raptors. Since being traded from the team, he hasn’t exactly been a league-wide superstar but he has certainly continued to be an effective player well into his career. 

Heading into this season, Carter promised that this campaign will be his last. He is going into his 22nd season and will be 43 years old in January of 2020. After a solid season with the Atlanta Hawks last year, the team decided to bring him back and last night, he got to play 23 minutes in a preseason game against the New York Knicks. Carter decided to go off and scored 17 points and four rebounds, with some big shots coming in crunch time. In the end, Carter helped the team win 100-96.

If you’re an older athlete who is concerned about how they’re going to perform in their late 30s and early 40s, then you should be looking towards Carter for inspiration. The man is killing it right now and is giving a lot of people hope. Carter has been able to keep his conditioning up for years and if he can continue to play like this, he may earn himself even more minutes in ATL.

Hopefully, the young guns on the Knicks took notice of what they saw last night.



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