Viral Football Player Decoldest Crawford Commits To LSU, Twitter Erupts


There have been some pretty cool names in the world of football over the last few years but nothing can top Decoldest Crawford, a teenager currently playing high school football. Decoldest went viral a while back for his unique name and his skills at the wide receiver position were good enough to get him recruited by the LSU Tigers. When the news broke yesterday, social media had a field day as the conversation quickly became about Crawford’s name and how he essentially had no choice but to be good at football.

One of the more peculiar narratives running rampant on Twitter yesterday was the idea that his middle name is “ToEvaDoIt.” While this would have fit perfectly and would have been kind of funny, his middle name is actually Juan. It sucks to be the bearer of bad news like that but alas.

Thankfully, much of the reaction on social media was respectful and it seems as though fans are really excited to see what Decoldest can bring to the table. If he is able to live up to the expectations set forward by his name, then he will certainly have a chance at making it to the NFL someday.

Check out some of the reactions to the news, below.



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