Von Miller Speaks On Coronavirus Diagnosis: “Shocked” To Test Positive


Von Miller spoke with ESPN’s NFL Live about his situation after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, earlier this week.

Von Miller, Coronavirus, COvid-19Scott Taetsch / Getty Images

“What keeps me at peace is knowing I did everything I was supposed to do,” Miller said.

The Denver Broncos’ linebacker suffers from asthma and made sure to be extra careful knowing he is a higher risk for COVID-19. The CDC recommends people with moderate to severe asthma take extra precautions, which Miller says he did: “I was here at home. I’ve been here at home for about a month now, and I’ve probably left the house a total of four times. And when I left, I didn’t get out of the car or anything like that.

“I didn’t have any contact. I was just riding with my brother up the street to get some food. I literally took it serious. I wasn’t out and about. It hit me right here in my house.”

Miller got tested after he developed a cough that his inhaler was not fixing. 

“It’s very, very serious,” Miller added. “It’s my job to keep my body in tiptop shape, and I feel my body is in tiptop shape. If I can get this, anybody can get this.”


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