Wack 100 Claims He Actually Owns The Game’s “Born 2 Rap” Royalties


Wack 100 seems to be under the impression that a recent court ruling awarding The Game’s sexual assault accuser, Priscilla Rainey, all the royalties from his Born 2 Rap album must be a mistake, since Wack himself supposedly owns all these royalties. On Saturday, news broke that the Born 2 Rap royalties now belonged to Rainey, who had accused The Game of sexually assaulting her in 2015 during a taping of his reality show, She Got Game. 

The Game Wack 100 royalties Born 2 rap sexual assault caseChristopher Polk/Getty Images

Rainey was awarded a $7,130,100 judgement in the case back in 2016, but The Game refused to pay a cent or even show up to the court hearings. As a result, Rainey now owns these royalties and has control over his independent label, L.A. Prolific, and all of his own profits. However, Wack 100, who serves as The Game’s manager and is credited as a co-executive producer on Born 2 Rap, has come forward to question the validity of this ruling, considering he actually owns these royalties in the first place.

The Game Wack 100 royalties Born 2 rap sexual assault caseJohnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET

Wack posted a screenshot on Instagram of a headline that reads, “The Game Loses Record Label & ‘Born To Rap’ Royalties To Priscilla Rainey As Part Of $7 Million Sexual Assault Judgement.” In the caption, he wrote, “Last time I checked Wack 100 owned all royalties to born to Rap. And I don’t owe the bitch a dime.”

“When the CDC has their [punch] who knows maybe I might lose in a dice game one day,” he added. “But as of right now Today it’ll be right here in my little ole profolio.” Either Wack’s got his ownership rights mixed up, or he’s about to get a call from somebody’s lawyer letting him know that he will no longer be cashing any Born 2 Rap royalty checks.

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