Wack 100 Reveals Why 50 Cent Could Talk To Him Amid The Game Feud


You know, it was nice to see Jeezy and Gucci Mane squash their feud after years of beefing. We didn’t expect them to be best buds all of a sudden but no one necessarily believed they would ever bury the hatchet. Verzuz evidently has transformed into a platform that could serve as a safe space for individuals to squash their beef.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

50 Cent and The Game are far from enemies these days but they certainly not friends. In a recent interview with All Hip Hop, Wack 100 explained his pivotal role in calming the storm between the two rap heavyweights. “I mean you gotta understand with any war comes peace eventually and a lot of wars are the fault of men’s egos, the onlookers and the little fires being started,” Wack 100 said. “I think it was a misunderstanding that spiraled out of control. Once I was able to speak with 50, and speak with Game and put them together to speak; me and Monster [50’s head of security] supervised that…it was no tension”

Wack explained that once 50 & The Game linked up, they had a brief conversation before they “shook each other’s hands as if nothing had ever happened.” Of course, the beef impacted both Fif and The Game’s career and their future business ventures, yet he says the media exasperated the situation further. “This thing called media, it does evil things, but us as the originators to this s###, we gotta maintain control of these situations so the fire doesn’t blaze out of control,” he continued.

The G-Unot campaign didn’t help either, especially since Jimmy Henchman had a significant role in overseeing the rollout. The other problem was the apparent conflict of interest within The Game’s management camp. He was a West Coast artist with East Coast management. “It’s a lack of leadership you know what I mean? The biggest leader was Game and he realized that. It was because he realized that, he began to pipe down. The less he said the more it went away,” he added. 

Wack added that the feud between 50 Cent and The Game didn’t occur while he was managing the Compton rapper. He said that the second he took over, he made sure that peace was made.

“Just to clarify, when all that beef started,  that wasn’t on my watch. When I took over the things on my watch I always looked towards correcting it which eventually it got corrected. That’s why 50 could see me and he don’t have a problem having a conversation with me because I wasn’t a part of that movement,” he continued.

Wack 100 has been trying to get The Game & 50 Cent to battle it out on Verzuz for a few months now. Let’s see if this actually goes down.