Wack 100 Thinks People Can Learn A Thing Or Two From 6ix9ine


Wack 100’s previously shared his thoughts on 6ix9ine in the past but his recent take on the rainbow-haired rapper’s power move might shock a few people. Appearing to be fresh out of his slumber, Wack100 took to Instagram to address the recent reports that 6ix9ine signed a $10M record deal with 10K Projects. For one, Wack 100 reminded everyone that we’ve yet to see any sort of paperwork that actually confirms that the deal’s worth $10M. He then provided the logic behind why he has a deal in the first place: numbers talk and execs only politic in boardrooms, not the streets.

“Whatever these people wanna do with they money, whoever they wanna invest in, that’s they business, that’s they right,” he said. “Stop blaming him [for the deal]. It’s his fans, he got his fanbase. His fanbase makes him popular. The popularity brings streams, the streams bring revenue. Any businessman would do business with this kid. Y’all keep crossing the streets with the building. The building don’t abide by the code of the streets.”

Whether or not that means Wack 100 still has beef with 6ix9ine is unclear but he doesn’t seem to mind the “GUMMO” rapper preparing for a major comeback. As previously reported, 6ix9ine has declined witness protection with intentions to get right back to making music. He’s reportedly already making an album. 

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