Wacotron Picks Up The Pace On Marshmello-Produced “Umbrella” With G Herbo


Waco, Texas native Wacotron is about to make a big splash this year, and it all starts with his new single “Umbrella” featuring G Herbo and produced by Marshmello. The new single is out now and it paints Wacotron as one of the rising stars of tomorrow.

Despite his newcomer status, Wacotron has been working for a minute with guys like Southside and the rest of 808 Mafia. In his 20s, he turned to rap to better provide for his family, and it looks like that plan will end up working out for the young man. “Umbrella” was released on Thursday with an official music video, showing the Texan showing off his lifestyle with G Herbo and Marshmello by his side. The two rappers float over Marshmello’s menacing guitar riffs, warning the opps and establishing Wacotron as one to watch.

Watch the new music video below and stay tuned because this is just the start for Wacotron. He’s coming with his debut project SMOKIN’ TEXAS very soon.

Quotable Lyrics:

That’s hate in your heart, probably was hate from the start
Planning to pick them apart, look at the art
Trip over any remark and I’m diving right next to a shark
Give it a spark, look out the door, see the park is ugly when you in the dark
Passing by Clark, smokin’ big Texas, I thought to myself how I make it this far?